What is a RagaMuffin?

Ragamuffins are large, muscular, heavy cats that do not reach full maturity until approximately 4 years old. Females can be substantially smaller than males. The look of the body is rectangular, with a broad chest and powerful shoulders supporting a short neck. This muscular and fit cat often has a fatty pad in the lower abdomen. The head is a broad, modified wedge with a rounded forehead. They have an obvious nose dip and large walnut shaped eyes adding to their sweet appearance.

These longhaired cats have a dense silky coat, like that of a heavily furred rabbit, and their hair grows longer around the neck and face (a ruff), increases in length toward the stomach and gives a wispy frill on the hind legs. Every possible colour and pattern is allowable, with little emphasis placed on perfection of markings.

The only extreme allowed in this breed is its very docile nature. These cats love people and are affectionate and cuddly, with a tendency to go limp when held. They do nearly anything for a tummy rub. While not terribly athletic, they love playing, climbing scratch posts, chasing laser lights and fetching toys. Be prepared to be greeted at the door each time you return home.